9/25/11 Last year, had the bikini at 51 picture published that said I was smart 'nuf to see Tarrance is Zodiac, clues & all. Well, I'm even smarter than last year when it came to just seeing the facts & clues that Dennis Kaufman & Nanette Barto with FBI saying JT wrote letters 2010, had about Jack Tarrance being Zodiac... BUT when it came to the ciphers I said I was working on last year, well, I believe I recreated them correctly, so, am alot smarter this year! They have to do with Native American issues that led up to Occupation Alcatraz 1969 to 1971 and the symbols are Hopi, Navajo, Anasazi, Puebloan, Shoshone, some Greek Constellations and more. The incredible fact is that Dennis Kaufman is part Indian, is direct decendant of the brilliant Anasazi, I was raised around Indians, so was Barto. We all didn't know this about our personal sides of lives until this year but we take to easily seeing Jack is Zodiac. As you can see, I am not a frumpy middle-aged woman, like I see some jealous ladies are trying to stir up rumors about. See the finality of Zodiac Killer cases I helped with at http://www.jacktarrance.net & http://www.707Catseye.net Dennis Kaufman solved who Zodiac was by 2010 with FBI agreeing with Nanette Barto's Handwriting Reports findings. I recreated the cipher symbols and that put focus about what the cases were really about: Native American issues and a still divided America. Jack was Zodiac but not a serial killer.