9/26/11 707Catseye aka Harriette Sucher still rules the Zodiac Killer cases online and I am currently off of twitter for awhile. My stats are soaring. Even tho mostly offline, still have jealous gals my age trying to assassinate my character and claim I'm frumpy, middle-aged gal. NOPE! They are! They can't do close-ups & boobs drop to floor, they've become like the Grand Canyon down there, so their men don't want them anymore. That said- Do you believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Then you will look into the facts that Native Americans have always been left behind in the issues. The Zodiac Killer cases have to do with Indians and their broken treaties by the 100s at the time and what led up to Occupation Alcatraz. They were the Most Dangerous Game, hunted, stalked, chased from neighborhood to neighborhood, town to town in California and I believe the rest of USA. It was and is a shocking truth I witnessed first hand as youngster. I thought that the cipher symbols would reveal the right focus of the cases by recreating them with the help of clear Vallejo Times-Herald originals & rare, clear Donna Lass cipher symbols. Those two ciphers were like the beginning big pieces to a puzzle and all that had to be done was find the right pieces that fit, then put the puzzle together. The cipher symbols are mostly Native American and the laws vary when it comes to Indians as there is 2 Americas even in the 21st Century. http://www.707Catseye.net & http://www.jacktarrance.net